"Hi Lukendra,
You might remember us (Dan and Claire) we took one of you treks Yuksom. To Dzongri between the 2nd and 8th of March. I just wanted to write you a quick note to say how much we enjoyed the trek. We really did have a fabulous time! The trek was great, the scenery awe inspiring - you were right up past Tshoka on towards Dzongri the clouds drop away leaving simply magnificent views of the Changchendzonga Himalayan range, literally breathtaking - but beyond the scenery what really made the trek special was our guide Ganesh and all the supporting boys. They really did work very hard to make sure that the trek succeeded and that we were comfortable for the duration. The most amazing thing though for us was the abundance and quality of food! Syla really is a genius chef (perhaps the Jamie Oliver of the Himalayas!?). Though at times, after the effort of getting up the mountains etc we did find it hard to eat all the food!

I would recommend Sikkim Tours and Travels Pvt Ltd to anyone wishing to trek in Sikkim. You really do seem to care about the quality of your service and additionally by supporting your firm we also in a way support your local kids community projects as well which is good. Please pass on my sincere thanks to all the boys. Hope this note finds you all in good health."
Dan Farr and Claire Lloyd USA 2005
Thank you very much for organising everything so efficiently and fast. We had a fabulous time and your team made the trek thoroughly enjoyable. Sanjeev is an excellent guide and told us a lot about Sikkim etc. The cook, Indra, prepared the most delicious food and whenever we arrived at the lunch stop one of the porters welcomed us with warm orange juice and the food was ready to be served. Up at Dzongri we had the wonderful opportunity to stay at the yakman's cottage which was great and there we got our first warm water bottle for the night (whata luxury!).
Your itenary with restdays for acclimatization is very suitable. However, it might be a good idea to offer as an alternative to day 8 and 9 (Thangsing to Samiti and from Samiti to Gochela) to go from Thangsing to the viewpoint in one day as we did. From there the view is excellent and the campsite at Samiti is not really recommendable. It is, however, a shame that at most campsites a lot of trash is lying around as all the rubbish gets just thrown down the next hill etc.
We would certainly recommend your agency to everyone interested in trekking."
Jutta and Stefan USA 2005
"Dear Lukendra,
how are you? I hope everything is fine! I´m back in Germany, started to work one week ago, already missing the beautiful mountains. Today I would like to write you my feedback of the Yuksom-Goecha La-Trek from the 10.-18. of April.Summarizing I can say, that this was one of the most beautiful treks IEver did. The mountain scenery and the vegetation are very impressing,Changing from day to day. We had enough time to look at plants, to listen to the birds´ singing and to enjoy the fresh air. Sometimes walking was like meditation for me. From the beginning all the members of the staff took such a good care of us.


I could feel that they like to do their work. The food was delicious! Kachi provided a surprise every day. When we had to walk for more than 3 hours, Beam or Kachi waited with a hot drink and some chocolate or hot soup on the way. We were laughing a lot together. When the nights were very cold, we even got a hot water bag, what I enjoyed very much, and every morning theyprovided a nice early morning tea, that we could have in the tent to warm up. Shiva did a very good job! He speaks English fluently and knows a lot to tell about Sikkim, the mountains, cultural aspects and jokes. He is very well organized. When there was something to do around the campsite, e.g. walking to a nice viewing point, he told us about and often accompanied us.

My things never got wet, only on the last day a bit. But we have been very lucky with the weather. It only rained two or three times, mostly during the night or in the afternoon. My suggestion is either to tell people in advance to bring a cover for their bags e. g. by the answer mail you send to every person who inquires) or to provide covers (e. g. huge plastic bags). I wish you all the best and lots of good luck!"
Melanie Germany 2005
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