"Dear Lukendra,
Now that we are back home we finally have the time to comment on the Singalila trek we did with your agency in the second half of October. We were extremely satisfied with the trekking crew. Binodh is an excellent and experienced guide, P.D. is a great cook (we ate better and more varied during the trek than later in the restaurants of Orissa) and the rest of the group - porters Suresh and Bikash and animal drivers Chombey and Mahindra - were friendly and helpful. The general ambience was very pleasant and the scenery was magnificent.
We thank you for the great experience and recommend you use the same crew for future trekkings. They really are a fine lot."
Erik & SuzanneBelgium
"Dear Lukendra,
Have returned home and have both started work again. At dinner tonight we were talking about Sikkim and thought we would write you a mail to thank you for the wonderful and at times very exciting tour you organized for us. Our guide, Rodchid (don't know if I've spelled his name correctly), the various drivers all looked after us very well and they certainly added extra value to our trip.
You live in a beautiful part of the world with very kind people and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing a small part of it all. We both loved the Yumthang Valley, one of the most beautiful spots we've seen so far. Bart was glad he caught a glimpse of the Khangchendzonga, he was very enthusiastic about that.
Sikkim is still very authentic, not spoiled by too much change and tourism, let's hope that it will stay that way for a long time to come. Thank you once again, please give our kind regards to Rodchid."
Bart & MargretheNetherland 2012
"Hi Lukendra!,
We are the three Swedes that went on a 9-day Goechela trek in early October this year. We talked to two other tour operators before deciding upon Sikkim Tours & Travel and now I can sincerely say we did the right choice. I want to express my uttermost gratefulness for this wonderful tour!

Our guide was Bishal Gurung who, despite his age, acted very responsible and caring throughout the entire trek. I kept reassuring him that he was the best guide, but he wouldn't really accept that. But I still believe he is the best. As he had his vacation from law school he was very happy to return to the mountains again and so it was very fun to see a guide not only doing this as a source of income, but really enjoying it along the way too! He spent most time each day talking with us and was very interested to learn about us and our culture. We had really fun in the nights after the day's walk; playing cards, watching photos, taking me on a side-trip when I got restless, even having a push-up contest (which I won, by the way). I think he had has fun as we did. We became really good friends and we even got to meet his family after the trek.

The other staff were also excellent. Especially the cook and his assistants did an amazing job! They were all very professional and Bishal kept everything running smoothly. We talked with several other trekkers along the way and no one had so much positive things to say about their staff as we. I have also been on several treks before (in Himachal Pradesh, Kilimanjaro and Cotopaxi/ Ecuador amongst others) and this one was outstanding! Definitely the best trek ever in all aspects; the staff, the route and thought-trough acclimatization plan, the food and the beautiful views along the way! Sikkim is a very beautiful country. I will recommend going there and using your services to everyone. "
Johan Parson Sweden 2006
"Dear Lukendra,
Our reference for Sikkim Tours & Travels & Lukendra. We booked an 8 day trek to Dzongri in Oct. '04. Lukendra emailed us with itinerary and all requirements before we met him. On arrival in Gangtok we made final arrangements with him. All very thorough. My partner & I were the only 2 in the group and we had 5 super men and 3 yaks in the team looking after us. They took great care of us, were fun, & we enjoyed top quality food which was different at every meal. All equipment was provided except our sleeping bags, which need to be goodones. The tents were good and all the staff we had with us helped each other.

We are in our mid 60's & although fit & walk a lot in England, the trek involved quite difficult terrain at times. You definitely need 2 walking poles...a Godsend. Also even small back packs are heavy and it is easier if you don't have to carry them. It is a great trek and so many memorable things occur on route. Aubrey & I recommend Sikkim Tours & Travels as a company who care about their clients."
Aubrey Cook & Angela Exworth England 2008
"Dear Lukendra,
Their performance of our trekking staff witness of a lot of experience, such well-planned teamwork can only be a fruit of long experience. Their pleasant behavior and excellent service made our trip/trek a joyful and un-forgettable experience. They always tried to accommodate our wishes in a receptive and flexible way. We appreciate their good and peaceful behavior. Their service was rendered with good timing.

They never kept us waiting. The food was excellent, tasty and varied. It was served to us in a very nice manner, which made every meal into a small feast. Our, good humored guide tried his utmost to full fill aims of our trek. We got all the extra equipment we asked for except an umbrella (due to our unbelievable good luck we managed without it.) During transport the jackets got wet. You need better rain proofed packing bags. The trip itinerary was very well planned and we got a lot of time for Bird watching and a gradual ascend that saved us from any problems with the high altitude. We are very happy with the trek and will warmly recommend Sikkim Tours and Travels and its staff to our friends."
Hans Hadders & Shoppna Das Hadders Sweden 1998
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