Mask Dance


Bumchu festival is held every year in Tashiding monastery in the month of January-February. Pot containing the holy water is taken out by the monks of the monastery which foretells a year ahead. Large number of local populace gather to see the level of water which indicates disturbances, famine, peace or prosperity ahead. Water is distributed to the devotees and again the pot is placed in the cave. Large number of devotees in the traditional attire flock the area and the monks in the monastery continuously hold prayer ceremony.



Panglhabsol festival is unique to Sikkim which is held during the month of July-August in Tshuklakhang Monastery, Rabangla Monastery and many others. Prayers are conducted in the monastery along with mask dances performance by the monks of the monastery. Celebration of Panglhabsol highlights impressive dance in the monastery which the worship of Kanchendzonga as guardian deity of Sikkimese people.

Kagyat Dance (monastic Dance) is held every year during the 28th and 29th days of the tenth month of lunar calendar which falls according to the English calendar somewhere during December-January. Mask dances are held in Enchey, Phodong, Phensang and few other monasteries. Three days of mask dances conducted with a story of the victory over evil.