Trekking & Hiking

Sikkim a tiny state of India with an area of situated in the eastern Himalaya boast of its rich bio-diversity and high mountain ranges. Kanchendzonga the third highest peak in the world is also the guardian deity of Sikkimese people.


Variation in altitude range in 200 to 8598meters (height of Kanchendzonga) which provides an opportunity to any visitors to have an experience of crossing over sub-tropical to temperate zones followed by alpine and high altitude areas in a short span of time.


4000 species of flowering plants, 600 species of birds, 560 species of Orchids, 40 species of Rhodendrons and large number of other animals are sheltered in this tiny state which decorates the trail. Numerous snow-clad peaks, alpine lakes and swirling clouds beautify the area for any adventure lovers.


Trekking in Sikkim has its own charm. Trail runs through rich biodiversity and rich cultural life of Sikkimese people. There are numerous trails, which leads to high mountain areas as close to Kanchendzonga. Dzongri Trek, Goechala Trek, Singalila Trek, Yambong-Singalila Trek, Phoktey Dara Trek, Rhodendron Trek, Monastic Trek, Village Trek and Green Lake trek.


Trekking trails runs through dense forest with an undulating climbs, uphill and some time requires treading on soft snow. 3500 meters above trails begins to run through Rhodendron and Juniper bushes with ample opportunity to view snow clad peaks.


Most of the mountain areas in Sikkim have a fragile ecosystem therefore strict adherence of environmental code is a must. Campfires are not permitted.


Sikkim the land of peace and tranquility is an ideal destination for trekking. People living in hustle and bustle of city life, people with financial or mental stress can rejuvenate themselves while trekking. Higher in the mountain, silence prevail but with sound of bird chirp. Night sky is clear with constellation at a full glow. Silent ambience takes away all the grief. Sikkim Tours & Travels conducts an organized treks for a minimum of two persons. Short day are also conducted.


Sikkim’s Trekking trails are spread around moderate, semi-strenuous, strenuous category. Singalila Trek can be demanding for trekkers.


For the past 24 years, Sikkim Tours and Travels has conducted numerous treks for small group of two persons large groups from many parts of the world. Biggest group was of fifty eight heads. Age ranging from six years to eighty years have been successfully completed the trek with management and the staff of Sikkim Tours and Travels. Company stresses on quality control, safety of clients & its team.