Mountaineering expeditions can be organized in Sikkim on select opened peaks by the government of Sikkim vide notification No.25/home/2006. Following peaks can be scaled with prior permission from the government.


Frey Peak, 5830 meters near Chauringang, West Sikkim has been graded AD+ open to mountaineers. In the Mt.Tenehenkhand, 6010 meters too is in west Sikkim near Goechala with a grading of D+ category. Thingchenkhand is a technical climb. One has to negotiate a part of rock face before it reaches the peak.


In the category D, Mount Jopuno, 5603 is fairly easy climb as compared to Tinchenkhang. Five peaks which have been opened for climbing in Sikkim termed as trekking peaks.


North Sikkim has two climbing peaks- fairly easy but being in the restricted and protected regime, one need to get permit from Ministry of Home as well.


Mount Brumkhangse, 5635 meters near Yumthang Valley is one of the easiest peak to climb as compared to Tinchenkhang of West Sikkim. Not too much ferrying of equipment and use of man power. Graded D.


Lama Angden , 5868 meters is located near Lachen, which too requires permit through the state government with the clearance from Ministry of Home, Government India. Lama Angden falls in the grade AD.


For all these peaks, government of Sikkim levies certain royalty to the climbers, local involvement is a must and expeditions must have been organized by the local travel company. Group insurance for the support team is a must including that of pack animal, without which permit is not granted.


Protection of environment is a top priority that one must extend too. There is certain mechanism with which garbage production and removal by the expedition group is calculated.


These peaks can be climbed between the months of month of April end to end of October.


Liaison Officer is attached with the group from local mountaineering association as well from Army if it happens to be a climb in the northern part of Sikkim.


Sikkim has produced numerous adventurists who have done Mountaineering courses along with search and rescue operation. High altitude porters are available for any type of expeditions. For more details, please write to us.